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2023 Scholarship List

In a commendable act of community support, local small businesses are generously offering scholarships to meritorious students who are pursuing careers in the beauty industry. These scholarships are a testament to our commitment to nurturing emerging talent in this vibrant field. The awarded scholarship funds will be directly disbursed to The Texas Lash Institute, where they will be judiciously applied to offset the tuition fees of the selected recipients. We would like to emphasize that these funds are exclusively for educational purposes; they are not available as cash alternatives nor are they transferable to other educational institutions. In our endeavor to distribute opportunities equitably, it is our policy to grant only one scholarship per student. This ensures a wider distribution of resources, allowing a greater number of students to benefit from this initiative and advance in their professional journeys within the beauty industry.

Future Artist of America

The Future Artist of America Scholarship is awarding $200.00 to a new student entering the beauty industry who shows a passion for sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices. To apply for this scholarship, please submit a 300-word description explaining how you plan to reduce your impact on the environment and promote sustainable beauty practices in your work. Email your response to with the subject line "PQR Industries Scholarship Application."

Flutter Fantasy

Flutter Fantasy Award: This award, sponsored by a leading lash studio, offers $250 to support aspiring eyelash technicians. Applicants must submit a 300-word essay on "My Vision for the Future of Eyelash Artistry," showcasing their passion and vision for the field. The essay should highlight the applicant's understanding of current trends and their personal aspirations within the industry.

Lash Innovator

Lash Artistry Innovator Scholarship: Provided by an innovative lash product company, this scholarship grants $200 to a student showing a keen interest in the eyelash extension industry. Applicants are required to write a 500-word essay on "Why I Want to Join the Eyelash Extension Industry and How I Plan to Innovate." The essay should explore their motivation for joining the industry and any innovative ideas or aspirations they have.

Blink Beauty

Blink Beauty Grant: Offered by a renowned beauty influencer specializing in eye aesthetics, this grant awards $150 to students committed to making a mark in the eyelash extension field. Candidates need to submit a short video or social media post explaining their goals in the lash extension industry and how they intend to achieve them, highlighting their passion and future plans.

Eye Enhancement

Eye Enchantment Education Fund: This fund, supported by a network of professional lash artists, provides a $175 scholarship to students showing promise in the field of eyelash extensions. Applicants are asked to write a 200-word essay on "The Impact of Eyelash Extensions on Modern Beauty Trends," focusing on how eyelash extensions have changed beauty standards and personal expressions in recent years.

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