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The Legacy Collection chocolate brown 0.03 Mixed lash trays include 16 strips of approximately 2,000 - 3,000 lashes per tray, FOIL backing, friendly removal of lashes from glue strip, and an elegant matte coffee brown, luxury lash extensions. They are available in CC curl Mixed Tray .


Each tray has a protective case to insure the life span of your extensions. The strip includes the a orange and black adhesive strip to provide effortless fan making. The strip is backed with a foil finish to avoid leftover paper residue on your lash tray.


"I love the overall finish of these lashes! The foil backing and double adhesive strips was game changing. I never have to worry about my lash strip lifting from my lash tray while working on a client. The double adhesive strip allows easy removal of the lashes without reducing the credibility of the curl! The perfect lashes can help an artist slay the most gorgeous set"


LIGHT BROWN .03 CC 8MM-13MM Volume Mixed Tray

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